“Our purpose is found where our greatest joy meets the world's greatest need.”

– Frederick Buechner

Rock This World Productions, a 501(c)(3) non-profit production studio. Positive, inspiring, moral, mainstream entertainment, raising money for people in need shown in our stories; restoring lives!

About Us

Our mission has two main objectives.

Content. By the time a child is 18 years-old, they have been exposed to 66,000 hours of media, 11,000 hours in school, 2,000 hours with parents, and 800 hours in church. If you’re like me, you’re concerned about those 66,000 hours. The first part of our mission is to produce positive, inspiring, and God honoring more mainstream films that will impact children and adults alike with powerful, entertaining, real-world Gospel messages of hope, faith, and forgiveness.

Funding existing missions. Then proceeds from our sales will go to missions! Proceeds from Game Changer will support Cross International, The Fellowship of Christian Athletes and a few others as they literally change the lives of countless children and families every day. With your help we can change the world one story at a time and offer hope and opportunity to those in need, all from watching a movie.

Love God, love people.

Donations to RTWP will go to funding our current film projects.

Then proceeds of our projects will go to funding our projects and our charity partners. These proceeds should quickly exceed our costs, exponentially growing financial support for those in need while reaching people with positive, inspiring, moral stories showing a real-world Gospel message.

Please contact us if your church would like to hold a free screening of Game Changer and join our Family Movie Night Out events

Current Project

Game Changer is a fun, entertaining, family comedy that follows Jordan Gabriel, the richest, most famous, and best quarterback in the pros. Don’t believe it? Just ask him. Eagerly awaiting a record setting contract renewal, “only the best will do,” he gets caught street racing his Lamborghini and much to his dismay he’s suddenly forced to coach a little league baseball team. Lohan Everette is still dealing with the recent loss of his father and is wanting to be his new middle-school’s star pitcher. He is Jordan’s biggest fan – until he actually meets him. As the baseball season progresses, “Coach” Jordan rebuilds Lohan’s trust and begins to rely on him, his mom, his adorable and hilarious 9-year-old sister, and the rest of the team as they turn their losing season around. As Jordan begins to “stand in the gap” as a coach/father figure he begins to realize just how empty his life was when he only lived for himself as they all learn the importance of teamwork and using their God-given talents to help others in need. Faced with the biggest dilemma of his life, and with his record setting football contract on the line, can he finally put another person’s needs before his own?

Join our World Rockers Club!

Do you want more quality family films and shows?  Do you want more God honoring content?  With your help, we can make a huge impact in the lives of children and families worldwide both in content/message and financially! When you buy our Game Changer Bonus film directly from us we save up to 24 TIMES more proceeds for our next family comedy as well as the missions we support!

Bonus DVDs include hilarious outtakes, deleted scenes and commentary only available here.  And again, up tp 24 TIMES more proceeds stays with our mission to directly fund our next projects and help those in need around the world!  By the grace of God, with you, we Change the World One Story at a Time!