Slide Rock This World Productions Changing The World One Story At A Time!

“Our purpose is found where our greatest joy meets the world's greatest need.”

– Frederick Buechner

Rock This World Productions, a 501(c)(3) non-profit production studio. Positive, inspiring, moral, mainstream entertainment, raising money for people in need shown in our stories; restoring lives!

About Us

We are a feature film production company that is structured as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Our mission has two main objectives;

Content. By the time a child is 18 years-old, they have been exposed to 64,000 hours of media, 11,000 hours in school, 2,000 hours with parents, and 800 hours in church, if they attend regularly. 64,000 hours of media; that’s four times more than school, parents, and church/youth groups combined. Unfortunately, positive, inspiring, and moral doesn’t describe a lot of it.

Funding existing missions. We are structured so that the majority of the production proceeds go to missions! Proceeds from Game Changer will support The Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Cross International (amongst others) as they literally change and save lives of countless children and families every day. With your help, we can change the world one story at a time; all from watching a hilarious movie!

Current Project

We are done filming our hilarious family sports/comedy/drama feature film Game Changer and are in post production of it now. It is expected to release in 2020.

Game Changer follows the best, richest, and possibly most self-centered quarterback in the pro’s as he’s forced to coach an inner-city little league baseball team. A hilarious comedy for all ages with a truly heartwarming story about the golden rule, that showcases how our lives are better if we live to help people around us. A wholesome and laugh out loud film with numerous twists and turns, Game Changer will appeal to boys, girls and adults alike.

Shop DVDs

With your help, we can make a huge impact on the lives of needy children and families worldwide! By pre-buying the Bonus DVD right now, you help us save up to 24 TIMES MORE for missions!

Proceeds will support the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Cross International for their work amongst the poorest of the poor throughout the world, and similar charities.

These are special, Bonus DVDs that will include additional footage, commentary, and hilarious outtakes and will not be available later. We need your help today to serve as many children and families as possible. Please consider pre-buying our Bonus DVD today which again, allows us to help up to 24 TIMES more children and families now!

*DVDs will ship after theatrical release.